What is Ethically Sourced Hair?

Cut by hand in salon or shaved without question?

Factory hair is a quarter the price of ethically sourced natural hair. We do not support the inhumane treating of animals let alone other people. So our brands first priority was to make sure each ponytail is ethically sourced cut in salon and SOLD by CHOICE not shaved without question.

When comparing prices to other sites please remember WHAT is your cost on exploitation? Where do you draw the line ? 

Choose to be cruelty free and only buy ethically sourced hair. It may cost a little more but it is definitely worth the peace of mind while protecting the world and your energy. 
Having a strong stance against on anything that violates a humans basic rights. Being ethically responsible is not just our choice for our brand but our prerogative.  We ONLY supply ETHICALLY sourced VIRGIN coloured to our request to suit our couture colour range. Try the difference enjoy LUXURY Hair Extensions and still be ETHICALLY responsible.

JOIN THE REVOLUTION!  Try the Bahcci Hair Extensions natural ethical difference today.