What is the difference between Russian and ILUXE™️ Hair?

Russian hair has been the worlds most reknowned hair type in the hair dressing world. This hair is a remarkable match for Caucasian clients. It is perfect for fine silky sleek hair textures.

Over the years we have seen an influx of low quality hair being sold as Russian we have always stuck to what we know and that’s RAW Virgin hair. All Bahcci Russian hair is certified and authentic Russian hair collected by salons from donors to be bonded in our factory and brought straight to your door. Although we love this hair type it is limited for what textures it suits. Seeing this gap in the market our Director Kristal travelled Europe, South east Asia, the Americas and small islands around Australia to source a hair type that suits the needs of our clientele.

Unfortunately, one hair type just did not suit the purpose of our search, not finding what we were looking for Kristal decided to create a 3 country origin hair blend that is perfect for humid climates. One Virgin blend for wavy hair and one for silky straight hair types. Beach, pools chlorine or saltwater this hair can handle any type of weather and humidity. Also it is more durable then Russian hair on its own as it can handle excessive heat styling and holds the full bodied curled styles. Perfect for the ladies that love thick voluminous and luscious locks.

This hair is extra voluminous so it suits a variety of hair types; curly, wavy or frizzy. You will find that it will relax your natural hair creating the ultimate Bahcci Blend. Test the Bahcci difference and try our exclusive ILUXE hair today!