Online Training

Specialized Hair Extensions Online Training Course. Online hair extensions education focused on safe hair extensions application. Ensure you are applying hair extensions safely to your clients natural hair without affecting the integrity of your clients hair. Our Director has over 17 years Experience in hair extensions application. Learn from a hair extensions expert the precise sectioning technique which will equip you with the knowledge to be able to confidently apply hair extensions on any hair type. being able to know how much hair needs to be placed within the hair extensions on each section and position is essential for a successful application guaranteeing the longest retention time with out stressing your clients hair. Precision Sectioning is KEY!

We provide online training courses world wide and in person courses are available in Dubai & Sydney. At Bahcci we offer the

Tape training course

Invisibeads training course

Keratin bonds training course

applied using the safest hair extensions technique available Bahcci Bricking technique. This technique was developed in 2009 by our director and is the safest technique to apply extensions for thin hair. Our specialized safe hair extensions application subject is what makes our course stand out from the others. We dont just educate you on how to apply the extensions but we teach you the accumulated knowledge and tips and tricks we have created and learnt in the last 17 years. Please register your interest via whatsapp +61412365315 we would love to help you start your hair extensions business.