Where it all BEGAN!


Bahcci Hair Extensions was established in early 2007, the company’s director Kristal Bahcci, who was struggling with her own thin lifeless hair, went on a mission to find a way to add volume and length to her natural hair.
At the time, there were only two hair extension methods readily available; sewn-in wefts and keratin bonds - both were not appropriate options for thin, weak hair at the time.
Sewn-in wefts and keratin bond methods have been since updated and improved over the past 15 years.

Due to the lack of application methods she was able to find, Kristal began researching new ways to apply hair extensions to your natural hair in safer, non-damaging ways that were easy to maintain.
During this search, Kristal began importing beautiful ponytails of luxury virgin hair, thick clip-in hair extensions and the newest hair extension method on the market - Microbeads!
Microbeads would go on to become synonymous with the Bahcci name, thanks to the precise application technique Kristal created which would later become known globally as the Bahcci Bricking™️ Technique.
This new technique ensured neat, safe and healthy hair extensions application, which was highly valued especially at the time when safe methods were scarce. Kristal also changed the materials used to hold the microbeads in place, switching the traditionally used stainless steel beads (which caused irritation for most people - including herself), to a hypoallergenic copper bead. This discovery set off a change for beaded hair extensions worldwide and stainless steel beads were ultimately irradicated from hair extension applications.
After perfecting the Microbead method, Kristal realised that even this method had room for improvement, and that’s when the INVISIBEADS™️ technique was born - the smallest microbead system in the world at the time.

Kristal’s vision for Bahcci was to provide the thickest hair extensions possible in the safest methods, to protect the integrity of the wearers natural hair so that even while the extensions are in, the natural hair continues to healthily grow.
This new Invisibead method became an international sensation, highly sought after by big name fashion models, tv personalities and influencers.

With over 15 years of experience working with women who have various types of hairs, concerns and needs Kristal recognises the importance of offering a variety of methods as hair extensions aren’t a one size fits all, but the core values of Bahcci are always to deliver the highest quality, thickest, longest lasting and ethically sourced hair extensions in discreet, safe, healthy methods.
You can trust your investment with Bahcci Hair Extensions, knowing we are committed to providing the highest quality of ethically sourced hair and the latest application methods.

Experience the crème de la crème of hair extensions, no matter what your preferred method is, when you choose Bahcci and enjoy the luxury of thicker, fuller and longer locks from our extensive range of ethically sourced hair.