What is Russian Hair ?

Russian Invisibead hair Russian hair has been the worlds most sought out ultimate high-end luxury hair type used regularily worldwide. Russian hair is the only Caucasian hair available in hair extensions. It is the most adaptable texture as it can suit or blend with most hair types. The hair is very fine, silky and soft, it can be found naturally in all colours and textures. Most Russian hair is found uncoloured or processed. Due to the cold climate the population in Russia are known to have healthy fast growing hair. 

Russian Hair was once the most durable hair type on the market but due to the high demand worldwide all collected donor pony tails are used for extensions. 10 years ago when we started purchasing Russian Hair Extensions you would pick the age of the donor and the section of the pontyail required to suit your clients hair type, texture and quality, for example, our common request was no grey ponytails only young 18-40 year old donor hair was to be used and only midlength ponytail (from hair tie at the top to the mid back removing the aged hair on the ends). Having a choice in this selection meant the hair was the healthiest and has had the least exposure to damaging sunlight, harsh cold or colouring. 

Although Russian hair is still one of the best hair types for caucasian hair types the supply falls short of the demand in such a fast paced world of e-commerce and beauty. So now it is hard for suppliers to meet the requirements and russian hair is now sold in bulk as well as Virgin Hair.

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