What is Remy Hair?

There is alot of confusion which surrounds the definition of Remy Hair Extensions. Many clients ask is the hair remy? or say I don't want remy hair!

Lower quality brands market the hair they supply as remy so we cant blame you all for the miconception and stigma that is automatically associated with the concept of 'remy'. So, lets clear things up a little and make it easier for you all to understand, what you need to look for when finding  the right hair extensions. The definition of Remy hair is that all hair cuticles are facing in the same direction not only each strand of the extensions to be facing the same way but also for the cuticle to be in the same direction as your natural hair.

All natural hair is remy and high quality superior hair extensions should and are all remy. This means as a client you will NOT experience knotting, or matting, or puffing up at the base of the neck (that indicates the hair cuticle is not facing the same as your own natural hair; i.e non-remy). Unfortunately, factories caught on to the demand for this incredible quality hair years ago and hijacked the word 'remy' using it to label just about any hair quality. This is nearly impossible with machine made bulk hair. This is why at Bahcci Hair Extensions we only use the highest quality in hand bonded Russian and Island LUXE Hair pony tail hair for our permanent extensions.