Are your Hair Extensions Luxury or Factory?


Like most women I’m a sucker for luxury! When you imagine the perfect hair extensions, what comes to mind? Full, Voluminous, Silky soft, gorgeous long MANE that looks absolutely flawless, right? 

Natural Raw Virgin hair is the only quality that provides you with the most beautiful naturally blended hair extensions. Authentic Natural Raw virgin hair is available in a large variety of colours, lengths and textures. We hand select the ponytails and we are even placed on waiting lists to source specifics textures and colours ( we have sourced 32-40”  in virgin Russian or Latin Hair from darkest blonde to darkest brown or white blonde children’s hair in 18” wavy for a special client).  Using virgin hair allows you to have the freedom to source hair that is the closest to your natural colour or hair texture.


Hair that originates from Asian or Indian origins is better suited for clients who have darker hair colours. Perfect for some clients but not as adaptable to other textures and colours it has to be bleached from it’s natural state and coated to suit Caucasian hair types.  Most factory hair is sourced from Asia or India and processed in bulk. It is not ethically sourced and you never know how long it has been since the hair has been cut. This also affects the quality of the hair over time and use.

At Bahcci we pride ourselves on sourcing only the most luxurious rare hair qualities and origins. Our hair is all bought by our Bahcci™️ agents who are located in 4 countries. We hand select every ponytail, with the hair reaching from donor to salon chair within 2 weeks. Our collection process is second to none with our Director influencing every decision every step of the way.  Each strand is collected, coloured and bonded by hand protecting the integrity of the hair for Bahcci.



Authentic Natural Raw Human Hair cannot be copied or imitated. Natural pigment and reflect cannot be created in over treated or bleached hair (golden undertones). Although many Chinese factories have come close to perfecting the replica of this luxury hair product nothing compares to the original.

The only way they can achieve an imitation of natural raw hair is to completely destroy the cortex of the hair by acid bathing it leaving an empty lifeless shell! It is then coloured and coated in keratin or silicone or other nasty preservatives chemicals to create the illusion of healthy hair.

Even when factory hair is chemically treated to look as good as possible, it will never measure up to genuine virgin hair. This will give the illusion that the hair is still in its natural state but it’s real nature and texture will appear within the first few washes leaving the hair dry and brittle. The hair will look dry, flat and lifeless instead of creating a natural blend with your hair it will Appear seperate without every reaching a perfect blend.

At Bahcci™️ our hair is found naturally and ethically sourced from salons globally, our hair stands out from factory sourced hair extensions. Each and every head of hair extensions is hand cut, collected bought then coloured and bonded especially for our brand, Bahcci™️ International.